I’m Edd, and welcome to my portion of the internet.

I have a diverse set of interests spanning free software, tea appreciation, hardware hacking, and electronic music production. My beliefs include that Hanlon’s razor is only used by the malicious, that self-referential comedy is the best kind1, and that it’s hard to stop using the slippery slope argument once you begin. More seriously, I hold a firm conviction that Jesus is the Christ; fundamentally, I’m passionate that more people should come to know Him as Lord.

Preparing to DJ for a live music event in Switzerland.

I graduated from the University of Oxford with a Masters’ in Computer Science in 2020, and went on to found Dreaming Spires: a freelance software consultancy group for research software.

When at Oxford, I was involved in various hackathons, becoming Sponsorship Director for the Oxford Hack 20192, and venturing on various exploits across the globe with Team Brewlabs. I co-led St. Catz Christian Union from 2017-2018, and took up the mantle as CU tech leader from 2018-2019. During 2020, I developed my singing skills with St. John’s college choir. Throughout, I also developed my DJing and music production skills; someday I plan to release my backlog of finished music.

In the summer of 2020, I worked at Deloitte within Cyber Incident Response. In that time, I built and deployed an EDR system within 8 weeks that was deployed in production across the Deloitte UK cyber infrastructure, leading down the research path that lead to my Masters’ thesis.

I wrote my Bachelors’ thesis on Resurrecting the Manchester Mark 1 Reduced Machine, a never-built architecture described by Alan Turing that paved the way for the first commercially available computer3. I synthesised the circuitry onto an FPGA, describing the hardware as deconstructed from the original patent in Verilog, and ran some of the original software on it.

I wrote my Masters’ thesis on a novel approach for threat detection within Incident Response, which may yet come to fruition.

When I write software, I almost certainly release it on my GitHub.

  1. This, of course, being the best joke of them all. 

  2. Thanks to Joshua Smailes for archiving the previous version of the website, that he built as Technical Director. 

  3. The Ferranti Mark 1