This is a list of my various complete or in progress projects, along with a list of ideas for projects I might do some day. I'd be especially delighted if someone gets inspired by reading an idea here and wants to start the project; I will probably be interested in contributing. It goes without saying that I intend these projects to result in free and open soure software.

Feel free to contact me if you'd like to discuss anything you find here.

In progress


2021-02-21 Vibing Cat Synchroniser - Generating Memes Using Waveform Analysis
2014-06-01 The Pingu Theme Song - theme & variations for piano


2023-01-16 Protécol - Zero-Trust Peer-to-Peer Pokémon Battle Protocol
2022-12-17 campcooking - a recipe builder for camps
2021-03-07 swim - draft specification for a simple, extensible window manager