The Pingu Theme Song - theme & variations for piano


Back in 2014, I was working on my music GCSE and had the opportunity to work on a composition. I was looking for something lighthearted and fun, that would make both me and the examiners smile! One spring afternoon, as I was returning from a rowing outing, the idea hit me: what if Pingu became jazzy?

What resulted was the eventaul submission of a fully-scored theme and variations for piano. I started by transcribing the classic theme, and then proceeded to write an Alberti bass variant, in which it is imagined that our titular penguin is out on a pleasant stroll. Unfortunately, tragedy strikes, and the listener is subjected to a minor variant. The tragedy is resolved disconcertingly quickly as Pingu attends a ball, at which he dances the waltz with whatever the name of that seal is. Finally, we finish with a flourish with some groovy syncopated jazz rhythms!

Sheet music is available.

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